By Michelle Idar

One big assumption about Mental Healthcare Providers is that, “We have everything figured out”. We’ve trained for years to become Mental Healthcare Providers and there is no way we can’t solve our own problems, right? That is our job, right? Wrong! For years, my life has been controlled by Anxiety. I’ve been a prisoner of my own mind. My thoughts control my actions, to the point that I no longer recognized the person I have become. I would not leave my house, let alone drive. I stopped having fun and being around people, for fear of judgment. I have had more ER visits than I could count. I felt like I had lost control of who I was, and the panic attacks would never end.
As of today, I am still learning to live with anxiety and panic attacks. With help from my mental health provider and medications, I’m gaining control. Just recently, while getting my hair done, I had a huge panic attack. I started to sweat. My whole body tingled, and I could hear my heart beating so fast. What was I to do? I was far from home and I knew I was about to lose control. I started talking myself out of it, “Michelle you are having a panic attack, let it happen!” I know, putting more energy into it will only make it worse. I took a deep breath, and just like that, it stopped. I took control!
If you are being controlled by Anxiety, understand you are not alone. Help is available! Learn how to manage your Anxiety and take control of your life once and for all. For more information on the services provided by TCP Marriage & Family Services, please call our office at: (210) 516-2607 or visit our website at: