New Perspective on Fast Food Opportunities with Pedro Carrazana – from Hourly to Owner

By Yvette Tello

What would you do if your teenager came home and told you he decided to pursue a career with McDonald’s?

According to Pedro Carrazana, his father had a cow. The family had saved up their entire lives for him to go to college. Pedro began working at age 17 as a crewmember at a Florida McDonald’s, he was just a senior in high school.

From there, Pedro worked his way up the ranks of the company. He held a variety of positions for McDonald’s in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. His last position outside the United States was in Puerto Rico where he was COO of the company’s Caribbean area. Pedro’s going on 41 years in the McDonald’s family—he now owns five of his own restaurants.

Since arriving in San Antonio, Pedro has become an active member in the community: he’s raised money for the Ronald McDonald House Charity, through his businesses he’s hired countless employees, helped many graduate high school, some learn English as a second language, and write their own success story.

Surprisingly, the average age of his employees are mid-thirties. “This is no longer just a job for a high school kid. There are amazing opportunities and benefits for working for this company. They really take care of their own,” says Pedro. The company helps further your education, Pedro eventually did go back and finished his schooling. It took five years and lots of online classes, but he got it done. “The benefits are not publicized as well as they should be. The company even reimburses tuition for trade schools, so people have the opportunity to pursue other interests.”

In a time of much uncertainty and so many losing their jobs, McDonald’s in San Antonio are hiring. “The company has done a great job making sure that safety comes first for our employees,” observes Pedro. He and other owners have implemented necessary adjustment to keep staff and crew safe. From closing dining rooms and playgrounds to adjusting the menu to limit items. Employees must meet strict health guidelines when beginning a shift including taking the temperature of every person, all part of a wellness check-up.

It’s important to Pedro: “We ask them how they are feeling. If they come in or call in, stating they are not well or have been around someone who doesn’t feel well, we have them stay home and check on them. I know what is going on with all my employees at all of my restaurants on a daily basis.”

And if you think because you do not speak English, or do not speak English well, not only are positions open, but through their program – Archways to Opportunity – McDonald’s offers classes for English as a second language. This was the first time I have ever heard of a company offering something like this. I think it is so commendable to put this type of investment into your employees.

This is a company that allows you to grow within. Starting employees begin at a competitive wage and can grow to make up to $47,000 to $65,000 a year plus bonuses. It’s a great place to work with many opportunities for advancement. As a young man, Pedro took those opportunities laid before him, put in the time and commitment, and now owns five restaurants right here in San Antonio.

His locations are at:
6069 Ingram Road

3033 Nogalitos

5503 NW Loop 410

926 Bandera Road

and 3515 Culebra.

For those having to face a career change, this is a company you should consider.

Thank you, McDonald’s, for all you do and thank you Pedro for being an inspiration to all of us.