By Leonard Rodriguez
This column highlights inspiring stories of Latino leaders. For more than 500 years, Latino men and women have positively influenced the face of United States society. Let us celebrate these outstanding hispanics.

John Lopez Jr.

How do you become one of the largest minority companies in the U.S without advertising? According to John Lopez Jr., you keep your one multi-billion dollar client -The McDonald’s Corp.- happy. Operating several McDonald’s franchises since 1978, Lopez was approached by McDonald’s when their supplier of hamburger patties, sausage patties and bacon went up for sale. Presented with the financial opportunity, Lopez jumped on it and purchased Nomac Foods in 1992. Renamed Lopez Foods, Inc.,it is the second largest hispanic-owned manufacturing company in the U.S., with annual revenues of $154 million. Owner of a highly profitable family business, Lopez credits McDonald’s willingness to invest in the Hispanic community for his success.