Young people don’t rule the world yet, but give them a few more years and they certainly will. Fortunately, Texas has some very capable young people who care about community and are eager to take up the reins to help lead us out of these troubled times. La Prensa Texas is fast becoming a hub for those young voices of hope.
Last year, La Prensa hired a team of young influencers to tap into San Antonio’s youth-centric online audience.
This month, La Prensa’s digital team is undergoing an exciting expansion. It began producing San Antonio’s GET It podcast, an entertaining news and culture show hosted by some of San Antonio’s most well-respected young influencers and community leaders, including Roy Aguillon, Ryan Thompson, Kimiya Factory, Chad Hankins, and Kevin Prince.
The show’s vibe is young adults talking informally with their peers about today’s news and culture. They don’t always agree on political matters, or even on the best place to buy their shirts, but they always get their facts straight, speak their truths, and create an inclusive environment that invites listeners to laugh, cry, and learn along with them.
The GET It podcast was previously produced by Growing Empowered Together (GET), a nonprofit with a mission to inspire more young people to get informed, get engaged, and get out to vote.
As GET’s Executive Director, I’m always motivated to give young leaders access to the tools and resources they need to reach more people with their passion for progress, messages of hope, and calls to action. I’m grateful to La Prensa Texas for sharing that goal and to the podcast cohosts and crew for working to create a more equitable, compassionate, future for all.

Listen to the GET It podcast online ( or on your favorite podcast player.