That’s right, you read that correctly, but why did La Prensa Texas Newspaper go to college as the heading states? Well, the answer is much simpler than you think. A recent interview made a scheduled trip to William Penn University. The objective was to see what life was like in the eyes of those students already attending and how San Antonio’s prospective students could benefit from other options for school at the University level. With a first-hand look at student life and learning from the professors from their point-of-view, but, why Iowa? Turns out, Iowa is not such a bad place at all, it’s calm and quiet, and the people are great. Of course, once you get used to the cold weather, you’ll be ok. Real Estate is very affordable and there is plenty of opportunity, but the question we often hear is, why Iowa?
Think about it this way, what exactly is so different from where you’re at right now? You go shopping, you drive, you work, you eat, you go out to places and then there’s school, so why can’t we simply adapt to a different region? Maybe it’s a subconscious thing or a potential student has another agenda for athletics and wants more exposure in different ways, or maybe the parents are worried about the issue of money and they’re not comfortable sending their child into the unknown with the possibility of some type of financial burden. Whatever the reasons, La Prensa Texas Newspaper asked and the responses were outstanding.
A student by the name of Cesar was worried his parents were going to encounter an immigration issue at the time of his entrance into William Penn University. His parents at the time were not of legal status and the fear of losing his parents at any given moment was unbearable, especially knowing his young sister could be alone in the blink of an eye with no one to care for her. But through the ordeal, his professors stood by his side and made sure he understood that he wasn’t alone. Now, he doesn’t have to worry about his parent’s immigration status and is near completion of his undergraduate degree.
Within William Penn University there is a sense of calmness and a feeling like it’s ok and almost home-like. Not having spoken a word to anyone in depth quite yet, a lone walk-through was conducted, getting a feel of the environment in different places, a sort of simplistic connection. As the journey throughout the school went forth, it was evident that it was truly a family-like environment and less like a school feel with the usual rules and stiffness from other students and staff. Students have stated that getting in touch with professors has never been a problem in any way and the school offers help to students with certain things they might need from the nearest city. The church also offers laundry facilities for students to use while attending the University. While there, a professor by the name of Max was kind enough to provide espresso and his enthusiasm for being with the University showed great love, sincerity, and warmth.
Everyone that met with La Prensa Texas Newspaper, were true kind-hearted souls, including members of society from the Chamber of Commerce and Musco Lighting, which is a prominent business in the community, and members of the University Cabinet as well. Whether you’re of Quaker ancestry or even a Quaker or not, it doesn’t matter, all are welcome at the University with its diversity and inclusiveness. Take a moment to look into what this University is all about, read its history and see its culture, we did and it’s worth sharing in every way.