Courtesy of Latinos in Heritage Conservation

We’re delighted to share some thrilling news with you – the official launch of The Abuelas Project!

This significant milestone comes after a four-year endeavor, particularly in Texas, and has been made possible through the collective efforts of various individuals, consultants, and esteemed partners like yourselves.

About the Abuelas Project: The Abuelas Project, initiated by Latinos in Heritage Conservation (LHC), is a groundbreaking preservation initiative dedicated to collecting, curating, and amplifying stories integral to Latinx communities across the United States and Puerto Rico. What began as a vision in Texas has transformed into a transformative digital project, championing intergenerational storytelling, and reshaping the landscape of historic preservation.

Four-Year Endeavor in Texas: Over the past four years, we have embarked on a journey in Texas, collaborating with individuals, consultants, and esteemed partners like you. Your invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in bringing The Abuelas Project to this significant milestone. Together, we have overcome challenges, celebrated achievements, and forged connections that will leave a lasting impact on the preservation of Latinx heritage.

Acknowledging Your Contributions: We extend our sincere gratitude to each of you for your dedication, expertise, and unwavering support. Your commitment to The Abuelas Project has been instrumental in shaping it into the innovative and impactful initiative it is today.

Official Launch and Featured Themes: Today, we are excited to announce the official launch of The Abuelas Project, featuring compelling Story Maps and themes that include Abandoned Mexican Cemeteries, Migrant Farmworkers, and Conjunto music. This digital platform serves as a grassroots, people-led historical registry, prioritizing stories and experiences that embrace the collective memory and rich tapestry of shared Latinx heritage.

Join Us in Celebration: As valued preservation partners, we invite you to join us in celebrating this milestone. Your continued support is crucial as we navigate this new phase of The Abuelas Project. Together, we can ensure its success and make a lasting impact on the preservation of Latinx history.

Explore the Abuelas Project: We encourage you to explore The Abuelas Project at and witness the culmination of our collective efforts.