Healing Artist, Stephanie Richmond will be visiting from Austin, TX this Sunday as a guest speaker at the Metaphysical Gathering to share her knowledge of alternative healing methods.

Her presentation, that runs from 12-3pm, offers audience members tips on how to use their emotions to become aware of their triggered subconscious belief system that steers life. This technique is designed to allow the audience to then have conscious awareness of their mental perceptions of life.

The main topic of her presentation will cover Family Constellations or Systemic Therapy; a deep healing method that allows reconciliation based on love in which the family system is re-ordered, solving familial issues from the root cause. Stephanie will explain how this ancestral or early childhood trauma impacts our daily emotions and situations, such as feeling anxious, being in debt, or career challenges. The presentation will also be interactive, based on volunteer participation to demonstrate resolution of unconscious familial entanglements.

“When I had my personal experience with Stephanie, I knew she would be an excellent addition to this month’s event. It is my desire to bring to the awareness of the community, powerful modalities, that help people feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They can choose to make it out to this presentation and walk away with knowledge that can create change in all areas of their lives,” said Gisèle Jolly, the organizer of the event.

Stephanie offers a unique set of tools allowing participants to comprehend, see and transmute the belief systems held in their subconscious minds. She teaches how to “undo” the belief or entanglement in the mind-body connection, allowing the body to be free to do what it does best, heal itself.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Stephanie studied Business in Texas, then followed her passion for healing arts. With a cross-cultural lens, Stephanie braids Spanish & English in her practice. She raises 3 children, while living in Austin, Texas. Stephanie has always been involved with and practiced at home, natural, alternative ways of healing herself and her family, including her pets. In 2010, Stephanie became certified by Dr. Isaac Goiz, the creator and founder of Biomagnetic Therapy System and School, and began to practice in Austin, Texas.  Stephanie has continued with her research and certifications, integrating other modalities to her technique, observing that most illness or disease is prefaced by emotional stress due to unrecognized trauma.

The Metaphysical Gathering™ is a Holistic/Wellness/Metaphysical expo event that invites the general public to hourly speakers, and to connect with the local vendors, including astrologers, tarot card readers, jewelry, reiki practitioners, collectable stones, acupuncturists and mediums, to heal one’s mind, body and spirit. The event runs from 11:00am to 6:00pm on Sunday, December 15, 2019, at the Hilton San Antonio Airport on 611 NW Loop 410. The event offers free entrance, parking, speakers, and draw upon registration. This event runs every third Sunday of each month, at the same location.

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Contact Information

Gisèle M. Jolly
Event Coordinator

Event Information

  • 11:00am to 6:00pm
  • Sunday, December 15, 2019
  • Hilton San Antonio Airport, 611 NW Loop 410, San Antonio TX 78216