I am hurting inside; please pray for me and my babies!
“Today, all my emotions caught up to me as soon as I looked at my Isabella in her NICU bed, still hooked up to wires, still hooked up to her feeding tube. Please pray for me and my babies. I am hurting inside.”

Those haunting words should touch the soul of anyone who hears Shea, mother of Isabella (2 lbs. 5 oz.) and Rose (3 lbs. 7 oz.) as she struggles with a mixture of tears, heartbreak, and anger – mostly heartbreak- because Isabella is still not strong enough to leave the hospital, though she’s already three months old.

Husband T.J. said, “There are days it gets hard and all you really want to do is pray,” telling Caiden’s Hope Foundation founder Wayne Keller of his struggles to keep pushing through. He called it “two steps forward, one step back,” knowing full well that every step, every minute counts when your tiny infants are struggling to hold onto each breath in a hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) far from home.

Thanks to the generous compassion of those who open their hearts to helping families in need by donating, Caiden’s Hope Foundation is making a difference in the lives of parents whose only concern should be taking care of the premature infant.

“Every gift, every amount, is a blessing.”

Caiden’s Hope Foundation was formed as the direct result of the premature birth of a friend’s grandson in 2010. Caiden was born two and a half months premature and was immediately transferred from his birth hospital to a larger medical facility 70 miles from home. Although medical staff told his mother he would not live to be two months of age, Caiden is now 14 years old and attending 8th grade.

Wayne Keller, Executive Director and founder of Caiden’s Hope Foundation, and wife Sharleen felt that God was speaking directly to them, asking them to form a foundation to assist parents of premature children. Since its inception, Caiden’s Hope Foundation, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, has assisted over 3000 NICU families in all 50 states.

To learn more or support Caiden’s Hope Foundation’s mission, please visit caidenshope.org.

You can also text NEONATAL to 44321 to make an immediate donation via your phone.
You can follow Caiden’s Hope Foundation on Facebook at facebook.com/caidenshope.