Picture this. A cold December night in the countdown city, and cheers from a sold out crowd at local bar, Picks, is emanating throughout the night sky. The clinking of shot glasses filled with reposado can be seen throughout the crowd as they anxiously await for ZEUS “El Mero Necio” and his band to hit the stage. The guitar chord riffs in the air, the DJ hits the track, the bass from the drums starts to beat and your heart syncs. Zeus runs to the stage and the crowd goes wild for what is sure to be the show of the year.
ZEUS “El Mero Necio” is no stranger to the stage and the spotlight. His latest single ‘Mas’ from his upcoming album is already generating buzz from San Anto to the 956 and everywhere in between. The song is inspired by the Tejano classic “Lo Voy A Hacer Por Ti” by El Grupo Mazz. ZEUS’ first album under Chris Perez’s Blue Mariachi Productions titled Tejano Revival is set to release later this year and it is an album you will NOT want to miss.
When asked about the album, ZEUS stated, “Imagine walking into a studio with a blank canvas and one of the greatest producers on planet earth (Steve O Valdez), knowing you can drive a stake into the heart & soul of everything that made you who you are today to bleed that valle shit that pumps thru your veins. It’s kinda wild. That’s what this is project is to me.”
‘Mas’ was taped at the recent live show and the song was produced with the help of the talented Steve O Valdez and band; George (guitar), Jose (accordion), DJ Boboglobo (DJ), Mike (drums), and Mimi (bongo) which can be viewed exclusively on YouTube. Be sure to follow ZEUS on social media at @zeus.elmeronecio for updates on upcoming events and of course, the album drop.