In today’s news, we focus our attention on a man using a philanthropic approach to assist the Latino community with resources for healthier living.

Mauricio Simbeck is no stranger when it comes to giving back to the community. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Milagros de Mexico, a bicultural retailer dedicated to improving the health of the Latino community by providing high-quality health and wellness products and services at affordable prices.

Milagros de Mexico recently expanded into Texas with two Houston locations delivering products and information in English and Spanish to promote a healthy lifestyle. The retail storefronts showcase a variety of health and wellness products including joint, digestive dietary, and natural fitness supplements. Beauty products are also available.

In addition, some locations offer medical services through Milagros Medical clinics. The clinics strive to be the most affordable healthcare practice serving the Latino community and to provide affordable healthcare services on behalf of the uninsured. Not everyone has health insurance and Simbeck’s creative approach to offering a medical concept in Family Practice and Urgent Care is compassionate and much needed. There is no longer an excuse to avoid medical treatment.

Many health, wellness, and beauty products from Mexico and Latin America aren’t readily available to Spanish-speaking people in the US. Simbeck recognized a demand for these well-known brands to be available to Latinos. These familiar brands are always stocked at Milagros de Mexico locations and are also available to purchase online and at selected retailers.

Simbeck is committed to helping the Latino community manage serious issues like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension that can be directly related to poor eating habits and poor nutrition. Many of these health challenges come from a lack of knowledge, understanding, and resources. For this reason, digital signage and materials at each location provide health information and wellness tips in English and Spanish.

Milagros de Mexico storefronts are far more than retail locations. They are excellent resources for the Latino community. There are 8 Milagros de Mexico locations with 5 stores in place in the San Francisco Bay area, one location in Los Angeles, and the 7th and 8th in Houston. Here is a spoiler alert…Simbeck indicated that he has future plans to bring Milagros de Mexico to San Antonio, Texas.

The interview that took place with the newspaper made history…as did Mauricio Simbeck. For the first time in the proud history of La Prensa Texas, we conducted a live on-air radio interview. It was likewise recorded for our readers – and now our listeners – to enjoy online at ( It was fitting that Mr. Simbeck was our guest for this new format as both La Prensa Texas and Mauricio Simbeck will continue to make a strong and positive impact on the future of San Antonio, TX