I am Dr. Maria del Rosario Aguirre, proud daughter of Barbara and Ben, first generation Mexican – Americans. Barbara Barrera Aguirre, my mom, was a loving and caring, a very dedicated nurse, and advocate for her patients. From my mother I learned to always put family first, but also have the drive to excel in my career. As a medical professional my mom emphasized the importance of listening to patients, being empathetic, taking time to know them, and then pursue the healthcare concerns.
My father, Ben Rosales Aguirre, was a supportive father and a great believer in people with strong work ethics. He was a devoted activist for laborers who deserve the benefits of the American Dream. My father taught me to be the best that you can be in all aspects of your life, whatever career or path you chose, and to always remember where you came from.
I was raised in a modest home in West Texas and attended primary, middle, and high school there. I loved sports and played in all available to me, but of course enjoyed my academics as well. I was always on the Honor Roll and voted most likely to succeed.
When I was 15 years old my family relocated to San Antonio’s West Side. I finished high school at Thomas Jefferson as Valedictorian and went on to complete a bachelor’s degree at Our Lady of the Lake University in Biology and Chemistry. I ventured out to the East Coast to attend the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine to realize mi sueño (my dream), of becoming a physician from one of the top schools in the country. Back then it was not easy being one of the very few minority females as well as a very young mom in an Ivy League school, but my parents and family gave me the fuerza (strength) to succeed.
Desiring to return to my home to care for a wonderful community of loving families, I chose University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSC SA) to care for beautiful babies, children, and teens. I finished my Pediatric Residency at UTHSC SA 1985.
I have practiced pediatrics on the West Side of San Antonio for over 33 years. My practice is both clinic and hospital based. I love meeting my patients the day they are born.
I have four wonderful sons whom I love dearly.

Why my love for Pediatrics?
Bright smiles, bright futures, love of life and vulnerability necessitating more love, more care and dedication. It makes my life blossom every year!

Why do I keep choosing to stay in San Antonio’s Westside?
I made a promise to myself and my family that I would never forget where I came from. I love this area because it keeps me in touch with my Mexican-American roots, traditions, and strong family values. I am also full of hope for the future with an increasing number of proactive efforts from communities, businesses and political leaders to help San Antonio’s Westside residents rise beyond prejudice, beyond discrimination, beyond lack of opportunities. I especially applaud efforts focused on education, disease prevention and health. Education is the key element to success, while health is the foundation for it.

When will I retire?