By: Alison Auerbach

Stephanie Urbina Jones makes country-mariachi Christmas magic at Imagine Recordings in front of a live audience with a new holiday single, “Merryiachi Christmas.” This release brings the spirit of the season to life with a fun country-mariachi Christmas twist. Jones says of the project, “We were longing to hear a song reminding us and everyone that ‘the magic is still alive and with us,’ and we felt we captured that childlike wonder.”

Earlier this year, Jones made Grand Ole Opry history as the first female artist to perform with mariachis, performing songs from her latest album, “Tularosa.”  Jones received a standing ovation that night and soon thereafter, the # 1 Billboard Country songwriter was approached by Imagine Recordings in Nashville to record a song for a live audience.

Jones wrote “Merryiachi Christmas” the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, inspired to capture the spirit of her two musical loves—country and mariachi. String and trumpet compositions were arranged, and on the Monday after Thanksgiving, Jones joined Mariachi Tennessee and headed into the studio. The song was produced by Patterson Barrett and the session led by founder of Imagine Recordings and Grammy Award-winning producer and musician Steve Fishell. Eighteen guests were present as audience members in the the studio, free to walk from the control room to the live room only feet away from the musicians as they worked in the hallowed studio on Music Row where 500 #1 hits and counting have been recorded.

Within two weeks, the song “Merryiachi Christmas” had been written, arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered, and released with a live video available.” I feel so blessed to be living in a moment in time where it’s possible to not only bring an idea to life, but to also record and release an inspired piece of work from start to finish,” said Jones. “It seems we could all use a little more light, joy and a song about the simple things in life right about now.”

On September 28,  Jones released her latest studio album, Tularosa, an inspired marriage of country classics and mariachi rhythms named for the place where it was recorded. Tularosa honors  Jones’ musical icons — a string of legends from Dolly, Patsy, Willie, and Merle to Johnny and June — and the Mexican heritage that feeds her sound and soul. “Stephanie Urbina Jones is a true visionary, for who else would have thought of marrying classic country with mariachi,” says LA Music Critic.  “She has brought new life to these amazing classic country hits—this one belongs in the collection of every lover of classic country.”