It’s something you don’t really think about. But did you know it could be the difference between dynamic, rich soil & dead lifeless soil?
Well over two decades ago Paul Gautschi, a gardener extraordinaire from the Northern United States, started to observe soil in its natural environment. During a hike through the woods Paul noticed there wasn’t any overgrown grass & even better the soil on the forest floor was so dark, moist & perfect. He looked around & realized the soil doesn’t need grass management because the natural mulch produced. This continuous layer of mulch deprives grass of the essentials it need to thrive. As the leaves, wood & other forest materials fell to the ground they began the process of decomposition. All the nutrients & goodness stored within these organic materials would slowly release themselves back into the soil. The rocks in the ground would break down to supply the soil with rock minerals that allowed the forest to thrive. Worms, fungi & other beneficial life are so attracted to this delicious compost buffet that they come in droves. Helping to create an even more dynamic soil!
This isn’t unique to the forest though. You could have this beautiful soil in your own yard also. Using a website called ChipDrop.Com you can register for local tree trimming companies to bring their freshly made mulch & compost delivered straight to your door FOR FREE!
Once the materials arrive the rest of the process is pretty easy. First you’ll lay down some cardboard wherever you intend to put the mulch. Next you spray down the cardboard with water for added weight. Once that’s complete all you’ve got to do is lay down your mulch to your desired thickness. Remember the mulch will compress over time. The total height will reduce by nearly half in some cases within 2 weeks of when it was first laid out. Lastly, wait. It will take a few months to a year for these materials to begin returning their goodness to the soil but its worth it!
With this process not only will you not have to cut the grass, you’ll get high quality soil & you can say goodbye to messy puddles or water overruns during big rains. Mulch is a magical thing. Try it in your garden & let us know how it goes. Share your pictures with us by sending them to We can’t wait to see what you do!