Nicholas Gonzalez, native to our beautiful city, San Antonio, is continuing to make waves in the film and TV industry as a Latino actor. He is currently working on several projects, one of which is the new NBC show “La Brea” based on a sinkhole in L.A. with people trapped in a new world in which Gonzalez is tasked to help save. He has also recently worked on a new film titled “Borrego”. Gonzalez has been featured in some of my favorite shows, “Being Mary Jane”, “Pretty Little Liars”, “How to Get Away with Murder”, and most recently, “The Good Doctor”. We spoke about the importance of Latino representation in the film and TV industry and Gonzalez is equally as excited as I am about the influx of Latino talent finally being brought to the forefront.
When asked about his favorite place and comida in our ciudad, Gonzalez said, “There’s nothing wrong with a little barbacoa and Big Red”. We can all attest that that is a fact and is also a household staple in our community! Favorite place? “With family”, says Gonzalez. He speaks about spending as much time as possible con familia here in S.A. And celebrating life with the familiar sound of Mariachis serenading the family, reminiscing about his abuelita in heaven with the infamous song, “Amor Eterno”. Suffice it to say, Gonzalez has not forgotten about his roots and carries the proud Latino cultura with him everywhere he goes. !Felicidades Nicholas! Keep up the great work para la gente!