Resident Cover Artist Liliana Wilson evokes a familial sense of warmth in her work that makes us feel like we know the subject, like they are part of our families. The cover art this week is called “Niño Extraviado”, “Missing Child,” which paints a portrait of a child lost in travel and translation. Much of Wilson’s work explores the realities of the immigrant child’s experience.
A complete collection of her work is now available for viewing at the virtual exhibition called ARTE LATINO NOW 2021. Sponsored by The Center for Latino Studies at Queens University of Charlotte in partnership with artist Edwin Gil, and Queens’ Department of World Languages and Department of Art, Design and Music, ARTE LATINO NOW seeks to highlight the exciting cultural and artistic contributions of Latinos in the United States. Mediums on view include, New Media, Graphic Design, Visual Arts, Performing Arts (including dance, theater, music) and Creative Writing. Access the show at this link: .