If you look up the word burro, it will say that it’s a “small donkey used as a pack animal.” But the mighty burro is resilient, strong, and stubborn. The mighty burro is not just a pack animal, it is a spirit animal that guides the way of all burros that follow it. Mike Burro is no exception to that. One does not just become a burro at birth, it’s not something that is inherited from your ancestors, but a path one must take. Burros must not conform to the rules, they must not care about the opinion of others, they must go against the grain, and do everything in good faith to help all men that come their way.
The first words that come to mind when most people hear Mike Burro are “crazy”, “dedicated”, and “headstrong”. Just like the mighty burro, Mike Burro is obstinate. Mike Burro would become best friends with the underdog by giving them purpose and meaning. He found the lost and broken and helped them know their worth. He saw the good in everyone but would kick their butt if they crossed him or the ones he loves. Mike Burro could break a man down with his wit, and then be his friend again the next day. Mike Burro loved a great argument. Mike Burro did not lose his battle with cancer because when he was diagnosed and given 6 months to live, he fought it and lived for two more years. When the doctor told Mike Burro that he wouldn’t be able to eat, he didn’t listen to that burro and ate whatever he wanted anyway.
Mike Burro was very close to his parents. So close that he bought a house a few blocks away so that he could spend as much time with them as possible. He made sure to see his father, Albert, and mother, Rachel any chance he got; going to Mom’s for breakfast all the time, and then after her passing, taking food to Dad almost every day.
Mike Burro met Patty when they were very young. Even as a young teenage boy, he treated Patty’s family like they were his own. He loved Granny, Patty’s mom, like she was his second mother. Mike Burro and Patty had a daughter, Christina, who went to heaven soon after being born. Mike and Patty were married for 42 years because burros love with all of their hearts. They eventually had another daughter, Leslie (who recently married Victor, Mike’s new son-in-law). Then after having Leslie, they had Mikey and Jojo. Life wasn’t always easy, but somehow Mike Burro and Patty figured out how to make things work. Mike Burro worked as a truck driver with Uresti Son’s Trucking, owned a tire shop Texas Tire Empire, and of course the famous Burroland during his lifetime, but his favorite job of all was being Ashley’s grandpa.
Aside from his immediate family, Mike Burro was survived by his six brothers: Albert and wife, Elsie; Sammy; Tommy and wife, Leslie; Danny and wife, Bonnie; Charlie; Larry; and his sister, Anna Marie. He also had numerous nieces and nephews whom he impacted throughout their lives, whether it be helping them out financially or scaring them with his stories about Three Fingered Willie. Mike Burro’s love for his family was indestructible, and he would not rest until he was able to say his goodbyes to all of them.
Mike Burro was called home on August 27, 2021. On that day, Mike Burros’ friend, Andrew came by minutes before he passed away with something that looked like the Virgin Mary. Andrew said that he saw it while he was walking down the street and that he needed to bring it to Mike before he passed. Mike Burro was shown the image of the Virgin Mary, and his daughter, Leslie told him that she was here to guide him home. He saw her, took his last breath, and left the earth at that moment.
Some people say that when the Virgin Mary was about to give birth to Jesus, she rode a donkey for days to get to Bethlehem, and she loved her donkey so much that she kept him as a pet. Mike Burro was a stubborn man and didn’t want to let go, but just like the donkey helped the Virgin Mary get to Bethlehem, she helped Mike Burro find his way home.

Visitation will be Friday, September 17, 2021 from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Mission Park Funeral Chapels South., 455 Avant Ave.

San Antonio, TX 78210. Funeral Service will take place on Saturday, September 18, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. Interment to follow at San Jose Burial Park South.

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