As the country marks the second anniversary of the Dobbs decision, One by One Ministries continues to provide mentors to walk alongside moms experiencing unplanned pregnancies by providing friendship and support throughout their pregnancies and at least until their babies turn one. Our program is unique in that we serve new moms for at least 18 months – providing them information and resources they need so they parent well and their children thrive.

One by One Executive Director Heather McCaskill says, “It can be lonely and isolating for a mom to find out she’s pregnant – especially when she wasn’t planning on having a baby. Unfortunately, many moms end up alone, scared, and unsure what to do next – their babies’ fathers are not in the picture, and their families may tell them they’re on their own. We want every mom to know she does not have to go through pregnancy and motherhood alone – One by One will be there to support her.”

One by One trains women from the Christian community to serve as mentors to moms looking for support. We match each mentor with a mom, and the two talk/text each week and meet each month throughout the mom’s pregnancy and the first year of her baby’s life. Mentors teach moms about pre- and postnatal baby development, healthy, and safety. This information can help reduce the risks of maternal and fetal/infant complications and guard against child abuse and neglect.

We also teach moms how to engage their children to promote growth during the vital window from birth to age three. We provide activities moms can use to promote development in language, social, emotional, and motor skills. McCaskill says, “We want moms to be their children’s first and best teachers. Studies show children who are not prepared for kindergarten are less likely to graduate from high school and continue their education or find a job with a livable wage. We want to help moms set their children up for success in school and in life – and in some cases escape generational poverty.”

We know that moms who are concerned about basic needs are less likely to have the time to focus on proper childhood development. We also know that children who grow up in stressful situations – unsure of safety, food, housing – have a harder time developing vital neural connections that help them overcome adversity. One by One partners with other local agencies to help our moms get resources they need: housing, rent assistance, transportation, health care, child care, education, job assistance, food assistance, etc. “When our moms are less stressed about basic needs, they can provide a more loving and nurturing home for their children,” McCaskill says.

One by One mentors cannot provide financial assistance, babysitting, or transportation services, but they can provide important parenting information, guidance, and friendship. Although our Year 1 program ends at a child’s first birthday, we offer a Year 2 program for moms and mentors interested in continuing to work together. We also offer an optional discipleship program for interested moms. We have found over the years many of our moms and mentors develop deep friendships and continue to meet even after completing our program.
One by One offers in-person mentoring services in San Antonio, but we also provide virtual mentoring opportunities for moms who are unable to meet in person. We also provide Spanish-speaking mentors and materials for moms who prefer to converse in Spanish.
Any mom who is pregnant or who has a newborn less than three months old can apply for a mentor. Moms can apply online at