By Hans 

If you or friends & associates living within the city limits of San Antonio are concerned about the January 1, 2020 effective 10% increase in water rates (with more increases later), please know that those increases help defray the $3.4 billion cost of the Vista Ridge Pipeline running 142 miles from Burleson County to Bexar County, where most of us thought we had an adequate water supply in the Edwards Underground Aquifer.  The rogue decision makers of Bexar County thought otherwise & have committed rate payers to this huge expenditure.  

The attached petition & explanation of the intentions can be signed by ONLY those residing within the city limits, NOT the other 21 self governing municipalities in Bexar County who are affected, but don’t have a say.

It’s my suggestion that this petition & the 2nd page be printed out from your computer, signed with voter ID included, then mailed to the P.O. Box at the bottom of the petition.  If you then e-mail it on to your friends (e-mail list) in the City of S.A., asking them to do the same, there will be much less of the house to house “door knocking” needed by volunteers.