“No headaches, no hangovers, just happiness,” founder Susana Sutton states. Sutton is the brains behind Mar Azul Tequila, a San Antonio tequila that she and her family have spent over two decades working on. Sutton is from “all over Mexico” she states and has worked on the current 7 flavors she loves with her Tio who is a chemist, down from the 36 she originally had over the past 10 years. She is a poderosa in every sense of the word, fighting to be taken seriously in the traditionally “mujer owned” world of tequila. After a decade of working tirelessly along with her husband, and daughter, Susana Alonso and Bobby Sutton, Mar Azul is becoming a new favorite to all those that try it.
The flavors that are currently in production are chocolate, banana, mint, almond, coffee, pomegranate and coconut. For those that love a little bit of picoso, there is a habanero flavor as well. No te preocupes. If you’re more of a traditional kind of drinker, there is blanco, reposado y anejo. Along with these flavors, they also extended their brand to include BOTICA, which is a derivative of Mr. Sutton’s proud Veteran background. The bottle pays homage to the military as it is shaped in the same way that cantines are with a military grade cap adorned with replica dog tags.
When meeting the family, there is an immediate sense of pride and puro love for the brand they’ve worked so hard on building. “It’s 100%. There are no chemicals and it’s perfect for people who are sensitive to alcohol. It is not sweetened with sugar but agave nectar instead so it is agave with agave” Sutton happily states. Sutton has incorporated her entire family into this brand from being in the agave field, psychologist, chemist, lawyer, chefs and family traditions. These beautiful, agave shaped bottles can be found at all local Alamo City Liquors, Total Wine, and various Specs throughout the city and Dallas. So go grab a bottle near you for any occasion, saludos y buen provecho!