Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

We have been stricken with grief collectively throughout this past year and a half. Porter Loring Mortuaries offers free grief counseling for any interested in seeking help and guidance through trying times of the loss of a loved one. You do not have to be affiliated with Porter Loring in any way in order to benefit from their services.
Though the establishment has always supported our community with counseling, in recent years, Porter Loring has opened their grief counseling to the entire community, and at no cost. Paula Loring laid the foundation for their new model of support group. Bereavement Coordinator Celeste Miller and Community Chaplain Darwin Hewittson researched and collaborated to create a new curriculum for their support groups Their new curriculum “Making Your Grief Count” is an eight-week curriculum, is intergenerational and offered to anyone who has lost a loved one. “The focus is how to dig into our resilience, how to embrace grief.” Each week focuses on a different theme, and begins with a mindfulness exercise which helps individuals to calm and center themselves which are necessary steps in order to deal with trauma.
“If we have a safe space where people can embrace their grief, and where they can be understood, then they can get some perspective and find their strengths and some resources to help develop that resilience,” states Celeste Miller of Porter Loring Mortuaries.
Though their support groups are for adults, Porter Loring does collaborate with The Children’s Bereavement of South Texas, where younger age groups are offered assistance.
If we can learn to “embrace grief to honor [our] loved ones, to find a way to bring them forward, and gain some strength in the process,” then we can find ways to stay connected to our loved ones where we will find some comfort. However, we must confront that grief first. Relying on such support groups can help us get there. We do not have to go through the process alone.

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