Excerpts of writings by Annie Tafolla

One Saturday morning, my father, M.F. Tafolla, was sitting on the porch reading his Spanish Bible when a man stopped at the gate and inquired the way to the station. My father, Bible in hand, went to the gate and pointed out the railroad station to the stranger.
“Well, praise the Lord,” said the man, with a decided German accent.
“Amen,” father chimed in. “Are you a Christian brother?” asked the man. “Yes, by the grace of God,” answered father.
“What church are you affiliated with?” the stranger questioned further.
“I don’t belong to any particular church at present; I just belong to God.”…….”
Well, then, brother, you belong to the same church I belong to. There is but one church, and everybody who is saved belongs to that church,” said the man, who then introduced himself as L. Ball of Buda, Texas. Buda was just six miles from the school where father was teaching. Before Ball left he invited my father to come to his home and hold meetings for the many Mexican farm workers living there…….
The rest as they say is HISTORY.

1921 – 1946 Mariano Tafolla (Eloise)

12/1946 – 3/1950 Ellsworth Palmer (Hilaria)

1950 – (6 mos.) A. T. Maciel (Ruby)

1950 – 1957 Gregorio Castaneda (Fina) 1st Term

1957 – 1964 George W. Geiwitz (Marie)

1965 – 1968 Keith Plank. (Gloria)

1968 – 1971 Gregorio Castaneda (Fina) 2nd Term

1971 – 1975 Rafael Campos

1976 – 1998 Ernest R. Lopez (Jolene)

Assoc. Pastor, Jose Alfredo Garcia (Alma)

1998 – 2013 Jesse Ortiz (Martha)
Assoc. Pastor, Jose Alfredo Garcia (Alma)

2014 – 1/2019 Jose Alfredo Garcia (Alma)

2/2019 –
Present – Elias Torres
Assoc. Pastor, Jose Alfredo Garcia (Alma)

Dios Restaura, Iglesia de Dios Pastors
Somerset, Texas
1948 – 1951 Services began in individual homes;
Some Founding Members-Colunga’s, De Los Santos, Eloise Tafolla, Quesenberry and the Macias, Valles and Hernandez Families; Church Dedicated 1951

1953 – 1957 Albert Bentley (Irene)
Educational Wing Fellowship area added

1957 – 1965 Warren Kinion (Devie) Parsonage added

1965 -1970 Marciano Yates (Elizabeth)

6/1970 – 7/1973 Emest Lopez (Jolene)

1973 – 1980 Samuel De La Cruz (Wilda)
Remodel Educational Wing; Sanctuary enlarged; Hosted 1975 Concilio Convention

1980 – 6/1981 Daniel Perez (Gloria)

7/1981 – 1983 Rafael Flores (Alma)
2003 – Present
Minga Rangel (Fidel)
Thankful for the Past
Rejoicing in the Present
Preparing for the future
1921 – Angela Street
2021 – Saunders @ Trinity
Centennial Commemorative Bulletin
Prospect Hill Iglesia de Dios 1806 Saunders Ave @ Trinity St.
San Antonio, Texas 78207
Jul 16 C 17, 2021