Close your eyes and picture the white sands of a beautiful beach, wind in your hair and the sound of the ocean waves ebbing and flowing. Faintly, you begin to hear “Bebecita” by local artist ONLY 3REE. His motto? “summer never ends”. His new album titled “Trap Summer” is inspired by songs that will bring you back to the best summer moments and trap you in them. Hence, summer never ends. Born and raised on the East side of San Anto, ONLY 3REE aka Sharkboy has worked hard to be the next up and coming big artist of not only our city but worldwide.

Not only is he an artist, he is also a producer, engineer, actor, model and designer. If that isn’t the definition of putting in work, I don’t know what is. His music can be found on all streaming platforms. Supporting local artists is not only recommended, it’s needed. We have to support the artists in our community so we can keep them here. On that note, be sure to follow, like, share, stream and show up for all local artists. Catch you at the beach! I’ll be the one jamming out to my new summer jams.