By Charles Jones
Ramsey Muniz had been released from prison on December 10, 2018, on a Compassionate release–in other words, they thought he was dying. He is a formerly incarcerated Hispanic political activist who ran for governor of Texas in 1972 and 1974, each time as the nominee of the Raza Unida Party. He is the first Hispanic whose name appeared on a Texas gubernatorial general election ballot. I asked permission from his wife to visit him since I was unsure of his condition. Irma, his wife, said it was O.K. As I drove in from Rockport to Corpus where he is staying– my mind raced to when I first became aware of Ramsey and his brother Bobby who were star football players at Corpus Christi Miller in the early 60”s. Jefferson went to play Miller at Corpus in a quarterfinal game(1962) and they ( the Muniz boys, Inez Perez quarterback and Johnny Roland–running back ) kicked our asses.
Ramsey went on to star at Baylor where he was an All-Southwest Conference Tackle and Bobby went to The University of Houston. Not bad for two Mexicanos from the wrong side of town. We talked and I reminded him of when the entire Waco police force along with the Texas Rangers met him on the outskirts of town ( 1971 ) because he was running for Governor under the Raza Unida Banner and had been tabbed as a, “ DANGEROUS MEXICAN”. He had been calling out the Democratic Party for their racists’ policies regarding Mexicanos and they didn’t like the rhetoric.
Ramsey went to prison on what I believe were trumped up charges –but that is another story. The story today is that of the man who survived five years of solitary confinement and three bouts of pneumonia that almost killed him. On one occasion, he was given the last rites but thru his faith in the La Virgin De Guadalupe and love of his wife, he survived. He was given life imprisonment by the Feds and lived 27 years in Federal prison. His chances of ever getting out were slim to none. He said that during his five years of solitary confinement he never saw the light of day. He never killed anyone, nor did he steal money nor was he part of an organized crime syndicate. I believe in my heart the word was out –he was Dangerous. You see with his handsome features, blue-green eyes and fiery rhetoric, he was able to touch Mexicanos to their very souls. He was not in love with running for office as he was in love with promoting equality and justice for all.
The other part of the story is about Irma his wife who no matter what the circumstances stood by him thru thick and thin. She was a modern-day Adelita —Que valiente este mujer!!! She is as beautiful now as she was when she was a young woman.
As I sat at the table with both of them –you could see they were very much in love with each other.
Ramsey wanted me to tell you that he is back and he will make public appearances as soon as his health improves. To learn about what happened to Ramsey Muniz in 1994, go to Order the new book about his life and unjust imprisonment titled, ‘ Freedom, Justice, and Love’ by Dr. Andrés G. Guerrero Jr.