Courtesy of City of San Antonio Workforce Development Office

Since taking the Ready to Work Employer Pledge, Avanzar Interior Technologies has been great at matching with participants looking to take the next step. As a proud company in the San Antonio community, Avanzar believes that creating opportunities for individuals is as important as supporting the growth of the skilled workforce. Avanzar has supported Ready to Work by engaging in activities, by helping to communicate the value of Ready to Work to the community, by increasing program reach to more potential employers, and by hiring Ready to Work participants.

When looking for future employees, Avanzar seeks out team players with a desire to grow and to increase their skills, and to make a better future for themselves and their families. These attributes create a passionate, hardworking employee who can contribute to the company’s success. Avanzar hopes that spreading the wider message about Ready to Work and the many opportunities in manufacturing will increase the number of programs and the number of individuals interested in joining the manufacturing workforce, creating skilled workers who are also team players.

Avanzar urges other employers that may be on the fence about signing the Employer Pledge to move forward with Ready to Work.

“Regardless of your industry, take the pledge as it adds another source of good employees to your pipeline of workers,” says Head of Human Resources Darren Boarnet. “Coordinated programs such as Ready to Work are good for the local community and for fulfilling employer needs. If you aren’t willing to take the pledge, then your voice won’t be heard when it comes to expanding training opportunities.”

Avanzar has found well-skilled individuals looking to make a better future for themselves in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing offers excellent opportunities for hard-working people ready to learn and to grow, as most companies in the industry promote heavily from within. Join Avanzar to fuel your passion for manufacturing!