Courtesy of the City of San Antonio
Workforce Development Office

As a trusted and reliable partner, AVANCE San Antonio engages in the Caminos al Futuro program to assist parents by providing them with opportunities to enhance their current career or to begin a new one. AVANCE works closely with the Early Head Start, Head Start, PCEP and Home Base Programs to train and connect residents with high-demand careers.
Caminos al Futuro has always strived to put the success of its participants first and aims to hire case managers with those same values. AVANCE wants passionate case managers who want to provide a welcoming service to their participants.
“Our case managers are empathetic, patient, and caring,” says AVANCE Workforce Development Manager Gabriela Ibarra Noriega. “Case managers should be willing to offer support and guidance in breaking barriers the participant faces. Those who thrive at AVANCE are willing to understand that we treat each participant with respect and integrity. For Ready to Work participants, think about the outcome they want in mind. Consider where you want to be in the next six to twelve months. Ready to Work starts with a career assessment to determine your interests. Trained case managers will GUIDE you from the beginning to the end of the process. The program provides opportunities for engagement with pledge employers ready to hire you once training is complete. Ready to Work wants you to be successful so our City can continue growing with residents who are educated and prepared for the demands of our City’s workforce.”
As a San Antonio-based organization, AVANCE knows the potential of the San Antonio community. We all do. That’s why Ready to Work is so important.
“Growing up on the west side of San Antonio, education opportunities were scarce. As AVANCE’s Workforce Development Manager, I am very proud to be able to provide this opportunity to my community,” says Gabriela. “At AVANCE San Antonio, we believe that the investment in your education and personal growth is the most important. It will require commitment, hard work, and some challenges, but remember that a whole team is rooting for you along the way. It all begins with believing in yourself and taking that first step into an educational pathway of your interest. This is the chance that Ready to Work offers you!”
In 2016 Monica Vasquez became a first-time mom while trying to finish school. Monica soon joined AVANCE Early Head Start at Mirasol, a family support service, so that she could go to school. In 2017, Monica received her Associate’s Degree in Kinesiology from San Antonio College. However, she was having trouble getting a job in the medical field because she didn’t have any experience. As eight years passed, Monica pushed her own career aspirations to the side while she helped her family’s restaurant. Over time, Monica realized something was missing — she had neglected herself. She called AVANCE and spoke with Gabriela Ibarra Noriega, who told her about Ready to Work, and quickly became interested, knowing it was exactly what she needed.
“Since the beginning of the process, I knew I was in great hands. AVANCE was very helpful,” says Monica. “It was an easy and fast process. When they showed me the career catalog, I was shocked by the many available careers. I also liked how they provided you with a career coach. Gabriela supported me by providing a laptop, books, supplies, and amazing guidance.”
Monica chose to become certified as a physical training aide and now she can stay focused on finishing school at her own pace while being a dedicated mother and wife.
“Ready to Work is an excellent second chance for success. It’s never too late to think about yourself. There are many careers that Ready to Work has to offer. They will guide you until you finish school and they will be there until you secure a quality job.”