Many of us do not realize how some people struggle just to obtain their Texas ID. We tend to take the process for granted since it’s a rite of passage. Not everyone has the means readily available to obtain this identification. In order to get an ID, you need a social security card, a birth certificate, and two proofs of residency. It takes money, which can be a struggle at times, and documents, which some people do not have access to, in order to move forward in the process.
In the case of Amber Flores, 27, who was unable to obtain her ID to apply for disability, the required medical records needed to apply for her ID were unavailable to her since she was abandoned by her parents as a child. Her cousin and acting guardian, Petra Lopez, found assistance with Ramon Chapa Jr. of Reflection International Ministries “a 501(C)3 NON PROFIT providing free services specializing in ID Recovery, Medicaid/Medicare Enrollment, CHIP Enrollment, ACA Enrollment, GED/FAFSA/College enrollment and an array of other services” throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas.
“It was an easy process, once [Chapa] became a team member of ours. We were able to go through a lot of hoops with his help, because we didn’t have any medical records for Amber. He was able to work on it, get us in, and get it done within a reasonable time,” Lopez states.
Since Lopez and Flores did not have access to the records they needed, Mr. Chapa was able to help them apply for CareLink Health Insurance, thus providing a way for obtainable medical records. What may have taken six months, only took three months. Now, Amber can receive the proper benefits she needs.
“A lot of times, we’re helping people who come out of prison or the homeless, they don’t even have a dollar to take the VIA bus over here [to DPS]. So we will go pick them up,” Chapa states, “We help them get all their documents, and we pay for everything.”
Chapa, who walks people through the process step by step and advocates for his clients, is passionate about what he does. God put it in his heart to do this necessary work and help those in need.
“With an ID, now you can get a job, open up a bank account, cash a check, apply for food stamps, housing, and the most important thing you need an ID for right now, is to get the vaccine,” explains Chapa.
Important work in any community.

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