To vote in Texas, you must be registered with your county. To register with Bexar County, verify your eligibility. Then simply pick up a voter registration application, fill it out completely and legibly, and return it to the Voter Registration Office at least 30 days before the election date.
Voter Registration Check
To check if you’re already registered to vote in Bexar County and to find your polling location, use our Voter Registration Check search online. How to Get an Application. Complete a voter registration application card online from the Texas Secretary of State website to be printed, signed, and mailed.
Call the Voter Registration office at 210-335-VOTE (8683) and request a voter registration application to be sent to you to be filled out, signed, and mailed.
You can also find voter registration applications at libraries, government offices, or high schools to be filled out, signed, and mailed.
Submitting Your Application
Regardless of which option you choose, fill out the application completely and legibly.
The application may be mailed to the Elections Office. The application must be postmarked 30 days before an election for you to be eligible to vote in that election.

Fill out, sign and mail the form to:
Voter Registration Office
1103 S. Frio, Ste. 100
San Antonio, TX 78207
For more information, please visit the Texas Secretary of State website.