By R.Eguia

Spring is here and it is time for Inner City Development’s Spring League Basketball. The first game will be hosted on Saturday March 28 and there is still time for little ones to get registered and get ready.

Registration and Skills Practice Camp will be hosted this Saturday from 11 a.m to 1 p.m at  the Inner City Basketball Court at 1500 Vera Cruz (along Trinity St.). The next registration and skills practice camp will occur on Saturday, March 21.  Interested and registered participants can get introduced to the fundamentals of playing basketball ahead of the first game.

The program is free to all attendees and has traditionally hosted about 100 kids each year. The Program  is composed of Volunteer Coaches, referees and scorekeepers who are looking to add more volunteers to their team as the games almost begin.

Interested Volunteers can visit registration and skills practice camp to meet the team or call the organization at (210) 224-7239 for more information.

Inner City Development will celebrate 52 years of dedicated service later this year. You can support their programming by visiting



is a nonprofit, community based organization that responds to emergency, educational, and recreational needs of the neighborhood on the near Westside of San Antonio in the vicinity of the Alazan-Apache Public Housing Project. It has been operating in this area, the economically poorest area of Bexar County, since 1968.

The mission of the organization is to lift the dignity of the individual. This is done by providing critical, supportive, basic life services and inspiring persons to participate in the betterment of their neighborhood through volunteerism. With the exception of one part-time administrative assistant, the organization is run by an all-volunteer staff and administration.

Programs include:

Emergency Food Pantry

Emergency Clothing

After-School Reading Program

Summer Recreation Program

Ongoing Services:

Informal counseling for individuals and families.

Through providing the use of the facility, Inner City supports neighborhood family events such as baby showers, wedding receptions and funeral receptions.

Extensive community service opportunities for persons serving probation or doing community service hours for school or church.

1300 Chihuahua St.

San Antonio, Texas

Call (210) 224-7239