Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Terri and Rosie Lopez truly define the word comfort for many in San Antonio at Comfort Café. As a non-profit community invested establishment, the restaurant offers a gourmet donation based menu as a means to support their recovery program, which is set up for those who want to recover from addiction, yet lack the resources. The belief is that everyone who wants to change should have the opportunity, not just those who can afford to, as it is not about the money, according to our Reinas. At Comfort Café, the program also allows individuals to work at the eatery, thus providing them with opportunities to work on social skills, professionalism, and culinary art, all the while working on their self- esteem. Terri and Rosie Lopez effectively deliver a safe, sober, and spiritual space, not only for those within the program, but for the patrons as well, creating a sense of family and togetherness…dare I say, Comfort.
Our Reinas are changing the face of recovery and addiction, breaking the stigma of the stereotypical addict and background you see on TV and in the movies. At Comfort Café, you hear their stories and see their recovery firsthand. You find yourself identifying with their struggles. YOU are now part of their recovery, by simply listening…by simply being human. And, that, is why we need such establishments here which celebrate recovery and celebrate life, embracing love and embracing diversity.
If you would like to be a part of something bigger than yourself and enjoy a fun, unique experience, Comfort Café is located on 5616 Bandera Rd, open Friday-Sunday from 8am-4pm. Though the menu is donation based, the suggested price is $10 for each adult entree and $5 for each child entree. However, please pay for the service you feel you received or pay what you can. If you wish to donate to this non-profit restaurant, click and you will find the donate button at the upper right hand corner. Plates, cups, silverware, HEB cards, Walmart cards, etc are all accepted as well if you would like to drop them off at the location. Any help from contractors, electricians, plumbers, builders, is needed for the new program and location is welcome.
The healing work Terri and Rosie Lopez are doing in this city can only be done out of love. So, with all our corazon, we thank you.