Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Jackie Velez

Maria A. Rosado is a registered medical assistant and nurse. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing she is also a trauma certified emergency Nurse who has worked in emergency medicine and trauma for over 12 years.
More recently, Rosadodeals in property management with air B and B’s and short terminal rental properties in Atlanta and Houston, and has a makeup line. She has a new calling in IV fusion, which is helping her community stay healthy.
Rosado recently transitioned off of active military duty and decided to start her own business called IV League Nurse Concierge.
Combining her passion for nursing with beauty and interior design, Rosado now offers an internal body makeover with IV blood infusions. The process takes anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to absorb an IV cocktail filled with vitamins that are absorbed almost instantly in the body from the bloodstream.
Rosado offers various infusion drips, such as:
· Immunity – If you’re feeling sick and want to boost your immunity
· Beautifier – Helps with hair, skin, and nails
· Myers Cocktail – Good for acute and chronic conditions like asthma
For those with certain health conditions, get screened and clearance from your provider before booking an appointment.
Maria Rosado has a volunteer staff, nurse practitioner, and medical director who assist her with marketing, workflow, and mentoring. However, it’s our Reina who is out on the field handling the IV’s. What’s more interesting is that it all takes place in a big Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, equipped with reclining seats that massage.
“You’re not just getting a drip, you’re getting an experience,” Rosado says.
Rosado’s long-term goal for IV League Nurse Concierge is to create a brand that is on a national level and to be a franchise in Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta.
“It’s a little bit scary, I’ll admit, but it’s the only way I felt that I could grow my business the way I want it to be,” Rosado says of making the career-changing decision.
Our mighty Reina Rosado has some parting advice for fellow entrepreneurs.
“You have to believe in yourself. It’s going to be scary, but you just have to do it. Your losses are lessons.”
Those who are interested in the IV fusion can make an appointment online, and choose from various drips.
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