He played football at Corpus Christi Miller High School and was a standout. He received a scholarship to Baylor and was an All American Southwest CoI don’t know if I can say within 500 words who and what Ramsey was to the Mexican people. He was born December 13, 1942 in Corpus Christi Texas conference Football Player. He graduated in 1967 and then went on to Law School at Baylor and graduated in 1971.It was there in Waco he joined MAYO (Mexican AmericanYouth Organization).

Ramsey was a born activist . While at Miller High, he organized a protest on behalf of the first African American seeking to join the cheerleading squad. Ramsey recoiled in anger against any form of racism. He lectured at colleges and Universities, including Texas A&M Kingsville , thenknown as Texas A&I , Harvard University, The University Of California at Berkeley and The University of Michigan. He ran for Governor in 1972 and again in 1974. It was in the ‘72 elections that my father wrote to me while I was in Vietnam serving with the 101st Airborne. It was dusk and I was calling in Artillery to Night Defensive positions (prepositioned targets we used incase of attack ). The chopper came and dropped off supplies and letters. My Dad, who had followed Ramsey during his football career, said in the letter that Ramsey was on his way to
give a speech at Waco Texas. It was part of his run for the governorship of Texas. Dad said that as Ramsey approached the outskirts of town, he was greeted by the Waco Sheriff’s Department, the Waco Police and the DPS. According to my Dad, the powers in charge saw Ramsey as a dangerous Mexican. Here was this good looking man who could speak the King’s English, was absolutely fluent in Spanish and was bashing both political parties for their noncompliance with Hispanic issues. On top of all that he was a great speaker who spoke with compassion
and truth.

On the personal side, Ramsey always remembered his friends. In 1998, when I ran for Congress, Ramsey sent me a letter from prison urging me not to forget where we came from and that he would be praying for me and the campaign. I was stunned that someone in prison would take the time to write to me about winning the race. When he got out of prison on a compassionate release, I visited him at his home in Corpus. His beautiful wife ( Irma who adored him) took good care of him and saw to his needs. Even though prison life had affected his body ( immune system ) and aged him, his mind was still sharp. He would absolutely come to life when the possibility of going on the road to give speeches was brought up. Ramsey had several near death experiences while at the Federal Facility and that had made him extremely spiritual. He lived his last years very humbly, very honestly, very openly and very lovingly. He changed the face of Texas politics. He gave the power of inclusion to Hispanics. My African American friends have Martin Luther King Jr., we have Ramsey Muniz. He was a beautiful man.