Local lyricist, Intre will be Performing at the SXSW Music Festival at the Sheraton BACKYARD in Austin, Texas this Thursday March 17th from 7:45PM – 8:00PM. Intre is possibly one of the most talented lyricists that you have NEVER heard. His aggressive high energy approach, combined with having one of the most prolific and versatile discographies of the underground helps make him one of the most exciting and underrated artists today.

He was born in Los Angeles, California to a Mexican mother and a Jamaican/ Italian Father. Eventually migrating to San Antonio, Texas in his early teens, his music is a clash between purist throwback 90’s hip hop with an edgy more modern bar heavy style.

Intre first started rhyming at the age of 8, growing into his own distinct sound with influences ranging from Nas, Big Pun, Kool G Rap and Zach De La Rocha just to name a few.

He spent most of his youth Battle Rapping in the streets, events, and radio shows while working on unreleased content which led to his first project called Virtue Is Knowledge Street Morals Vol. 1. As an artist Intre has grown immensely from that initial project to his latest project Throwaway Burners Vol 2. He is Currently Working on Throwaway Burners Vol 3 along with a few other projects in the works.

“This opportunity is meaningful on many levels. Being a part of a festival that has been responsible for breaking many artists into the industry is a solid opportunity. I’m looking forward to cementing my name on this platform. What’s crazy to me is I have applied to be an official artist since 2014 and got told no every year but refused to give up. It just goes to show the importance of believing in what you do and remaining consistent through times of doubt,” said Intre.

He says that representation truly matters and as a Latino MC and he takes pride in representing SA culture in a larger music festival space. This moment is significant because you don’t hear true lyricism on this level coming from San Antonio, Texas.

“To me the process behind the creation of my brand of hip hop is much deeper than just carrying on tradition. I look to capture a moment that can stand the test of time for generations. In general, I look at music as a key to eternity. Even after life for an artist is over, the energy remains indefinitely and that message travels forward to inspire generations to come.”