Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Throughout the world, people know what McDonald’s is. We do not even have to speak the same language or be from the same country to understand what those golden arches represent. Covid put a stop to many local events, including Fiesta, which many here in San Antonio depend on for economic growth. Yet, even a pandemic cannot deter our Gente’s love of community.
Despite the fact that we did not see Fiesta in April 2020, McDonald’s in our community was still able to raise $42,000 through Fiesta Medals to give back to the Ronald McDonald House. Maria Acosta, owner and operator of McDonald’s here in San Antonio as well as the board President for the Ronald McDonald House, wasn’t sure how it would pan out at first, due to the cancelation of our famed event.
“We do this program every year to support our local Ronald McDonald House charity, and unfortunately with Fiesta being semi-canceled, we didn’t know how it would turn out, but I’m really happy to let you know that the city of San Antonio came through…” Acosta states with a wide grin. Our community still purchased the McDonald’s Fiesta Medals, therefore, supporting the great efforts of our Ronald McDonald House, which provides services for familias with sick children in attempts to mitigate some of the burdens each family experiences while offering them a support system.
Transportation, a place to eat, and so much of what we take for granted, can be supplied for the familias in need through the charity. Everyone deserves proper care, gente, especially our ninos y ninas.
Fiesta Medals are not the only way to give back to RMHC. You can also check their website to donate or volunteer. It’s not always about donating money; it’s about sowing seeds in our community with your time well spent. And volunteering at RMHC is always time well spent. Gracias por todo Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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