Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Look out San Anto, there’s a new brand of tequila on the shelves. Zack Ramirez, Jordan Simmons and Jay Torrez began their journey for a San Anto brand tequila about 2 years ago, traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico since production of tequila is region specific to Mexico. In 2019, the trio launched a kickstarter for Vice Tequila, which was successful. However, when the name Vice was already in use through Vice Media (who bought out the Vice name throughout US industries), the group had to come up with another solution. Thus, Saint Maya Tequila was born.

Bottled at 80 proof (40% alcohol) and named after Mayahuel, the Aztec Goddess of maguey, more commonly known as agave, which is the key ingredient for tequila, the bottle is a beautiful representation of our city, full of color, papel picados- which include the ever recognizable Tower and the famous Northstar Mall Boots, displaying Saint Maya wearing a flower crown we have all seen here in our city.

“We came out with the backstory,” states Ramirez, “It’s kinda what Saint Maya represents, and what we wanted our product to represent…which is ultimately a bottle of unity. We feel that San Antonio is a very unified city. There’s a lot of people who back each other here, a lot of unity going on. And so, that is what we wanted our character to represent…Everyone in San Antonio is who she represents.”

Liquor Max was the first location to put Saint Maya on their top shelves. Within a day, they were sold out. Norteno 210’s, the beautiful and intelligent Natasha Gonzales is a brand ambassador for Saint Maya Tequila. Comunidad es Unidad.

Recently, many celebrities have come out with their own brand of tequila. Here, in San Antonio, we make and support our own.

You can find Saint Maya Tequila at:
Liquor Maz on 11840 Bandera Rd.

Alamo City Liquors
(All 5 locations)