I am honored and privileged to have known Selena from 1984 until her untimely passing. And I was fortunate to have been working for Manny Guerra’s GP Records, the label that recorded Selena’s early hits.
On Friday, November 8, 1985, the San Antonio Express-News published a story I wrote. It was the first ever article ever written about Selena during a time when major city newspapers overlooked, ignored, avoided, or shunned giving Chicano music artists print media coverage.
I am now 81 and look back fondly on those ‘Fotos y Recuerdos’ as fond memories of Selena, Suzette, A.B., Abraham and Marcela Quintanilla plus all of Los Dinos musicians. Sigh.
Selena is now singing with the angels in Our Lord and Savior’s Heavenly Choir.