Bobby Perez talks to members of San Antonio’s car community for an end of the year cruise through downtown. Bobby Perez who is one of the original council committee members along with remaining committee members will be continuing the S.A.L.C in memory of Bobby Garza Jr who was the founding member of the S.A.L.C.. Bobby Garza Jr sadly passed away due to the pandemic Dec. 4, 2020, He was not only the founder of the S.A.L.C., he was also President of Rollerz Only CC San Antonio. During the pandemic events and gatherings were canceled, which put a stand still to not only events and cruising but to meetings for the S.A.L.C..

S.A.L.C. is not just about driving down the street and “showing off” it is about hard working men and women who not only have a passion for their cars but have a passion to give back. S.A.L.C. as well as many car clubs are known for donating clothes to the homeless school supply drives, turkey drives, toy drives and helping those in need in our san antonio community. Bobby Garza Jr started the S.A.L.C. Nov. 11, 2019 with 5 other Lowriding Clubs. All 6 founding members are from local lowrider clubs here in San Antonio. They are Rollerz Only, Latin Devotion, High Rollerz, Suenos, Ethnics, and 1st Impressions. With expectations high and their cars low they are all excited to end this year with a final cruise and cruise into the new year with their low lows and continue to give back to the community.

S.A.L.C. Lowrider Clubs in attendance Rollerz Only,
Latin Devotion, Callejeros, Impalas, 2 Low 2 Cruise, Brown Impressions, Los Browns, Old School, Classic Dreams, Dedication, Individuals, Lowrider Style, 210 Hard Hitterz, Highclass, Highrollerz, Viejitos, Slow N Low, Cinco Famila,O.G. Bombs, Dukes, Vatos Unidos, Unity Lowrider, Falling Angels,Chubby Hydraulics.