Using a “Mastermind” approach to help those who have served, the Military Transition Roundtable has helped veterans of all ranks and backgrounds find success in their future careers.
Col. (Retired) Don Gleason, the president and one of the non-profit’s cofounders, said he has found the biggest success has come in his participants’ post-military job retention.
“Our military alumni now number 76 in just 2.5 years. Of those, 40 have been in the workforce for over 12-months,” he said. “The national average is 45-65 percent of them in that period will leave their first post-military career position. Yet our alumni are leaving at 22.5 percent.
“They tell us it’s because we spend time with them helping them determine the details of the role they want, the leadership that inspires them, the company values and culture that motivate them and pay/benefits that meets their short- and long-term needs,” he added.
Matt Scherer, the organization’s co-founder and vice-president, said research has shown that the program has reduced unemployment, provides their families with stability with house and schools. “However, the biggest aspect is how we reduce the frustration, depression and possible suicide of those in our program,” Scherer, a retired Air Force NCO, added. “We are still losing 22 military and veterans every day with those in uniform two to one more likely to commit suicide on a regular basis.
“Research has shown that this number increases to a four-to-one ratio during career transition,” he said. “We believe the unfamiliarity of the process and having to deal with changes of the job-transition process. For many, sending out a resume or doing a job interview provides them with a lot of doubt and stress. Participation in our groups have shown them there are others with similar challenges, but also proven ways to overcome the challenges of transition.”
While Gleason and Scherer work remotely from San Antonio, their program assists veterans from all parts of the

United States. They also have worked with veterans in the Far East and Europe.
The program now has 59 students in six cohorts meeting every two weeks. “We have able to sustain that level for 2022, a 100-percent growth in our cohorts and a 63-percent growth in students,” said Gleason.
“We also welcome the opportunity to talk to businesses and other organizations that want to support our future growth,” said Scherer.
The Military Transition Roundtable welcomes veterans and their spouses to join them for future programs. Those interested in learning more about this should call Scherer at 210-325-4130 or Gleason at