Interview by Julia Aguillon
Article by Jackie Velez

Savage Coffee Co.’s grand opening was held last month on April 25, and though the family business is primed for success with its Mexican candy served in every cup of iced or hot coffee, it was an unexpected path for owner Diana Gonzalez.
Gonzalez, who previously worked in the radio and television industry, found herself in the same situation as most people when the pandemic hit—unemployed. However, she was not about to allow herself to suffer defeat, especially with children to raise.
“I’ve been working since I was very young, so I’m like, okay, what can I do? What’s next?” said Gonzalez.
She dreamt of one day owning her own coffee shop. After her mom purchased a trailer and advised her to get it up and running, Savage Coffee, a name inspired by the popular Megan Thee Stallion song, “Savage,” was born. The song also inspired the logo’s bright red dripping lips which her husband designed.
“If my trailer were a woman, that would be her,” said Gonzalez. “Classy, but don’t mess with her ‘cause she will take you down,” she continued.
The unique menu contains homemade Mexican candy powder flavors such as Mexican Mazapan (Mexican peanut), Mexican Horchata (Mexican Rice), and Tomybear (Mexican Butterscotch).
Gonzalez’s goal is to own several locations throughout San Antonio, enrich her community, and empower women much like her mother and grandmother who empowered her to pursue this growing coffee endeavour.
“You’re not just consuming a cup of coffee, you’re coming to a place where we wanna remind you that you’re capable, you’re enough, you’re loved, you’re blessed, and we want to spread that word through Savage Coffee,” Gonzalez said.
It takes savage skills to run a coffee shop, especially during a pandemic, and Diana Gonzalez has just that, along with her family, passion for coffee, and desire to turn San Antonio into savages.
Stay savage, lady!
Savage Coffee located at 11395 Shaenfield Rd.
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