It’s common knowledge that San Antonio makes the top 20 every year when ranking the United States’ most obese cities. People laugh. People complain. But what are we doing about it? With funding provided by Quest Diagnostics, Dr. Robert P. Trevino, founder of Social and Health Research Center (SAHRC) has collaborated with America’s Council for the Creative Economy (ACCE founded by Mark Marion) to partner with San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) Superintendent Pedro Martinez to roll out The Bienestar/Neema Coordinated School Health Program, an innovative interactive digitized curriculum, which is an engaging animated program with a beautiful representation of diversity of all ethnicities aiming to provide knowledge in obesity prevention (and related chronic diseases thereof) for our ninos y ninas, as well as their familias. The evidence-based program has been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes for Health (NIH). No textbooks are required as this curriculum is digital, thus making it feasible for schools to use as well as entertaining and appealing for the students.

Underserved communities truly deserve more, especially when it comes down to our bebitos/as, and it’s even more evident now due to the Pandemic. Many of us are at a greater risk due to obesity, diabetes, etc…This new curriculum is more of what we should seek out. Guiding our young to healthier lives is a vital and necessary cause. Community leaders, such as Dr. Trevino truly understands the need to aid and assist underserved communities, as he himself grew up in the same neighborhoods we walk, and is now providing valuable resources to address these health disparities we have all witnessed at one point or another. Gracias por todo Dr. Trevino of SAHRC, Mark Marion of ACCE, Mandell Jackson of Quest Diagnostic, SAISD Superintendent Pedro Martinez, and of course Mayor Ron Nirenberg. Thank you for this innovative program.

So, let’s save our Big Red and Barbacoa for Sundays and choose some healthier options throughout the week, gente. Our chiquitas/os depend on the choices we make.