For 28 years, Family Service has ran and operated the Adopt-A-Family Program. This heartwarming tradition brightens the lives of many families, in the San Antonio and surrounding communities, who struggle to obtain basic necessities and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
Adopting a family not only gives children an opportunity to unwrap a gift on Christmas morning but spreads holiday cheer to the entire family, including our furry four-legged friends.
The extension of kindness an Adopt – A- Family sponsor expends directly impacts a person in need, making this time of year merrier for thousands. Empowering individuals and strengthening families is at the core of Family Service’s mission. The generosity of our community makes this goal a reality.
Adopt-A-Family volunteers will provide logistical support to include assistance with the drop-off, check-in, sorting, and inventorying of all donated items.
You can sign up to help at
You can sponsor a family by completing the form at
Family Service was founded in 1903 and is the oldest human service nonprofit in San Antonio, serving in 13 counties across South Texas. Family Service works to address the social determinants of health that directly impact where people live, learn, work, and play. On average, Family Service has touched almost 100,000 people annually through its programs and services to help improve the overall health of its community by working closely with community partners and organizations to effectively address social and economic instability, as well as provide valuable resources and support in homes, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. To learn more about Family Service, please visit