By Lisa Anderson

During his nearly eight years in office, Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector Albert Uresti has always taken precautions to protect his citizens and employees at all Tax Office locations.  The Bexar County Tax Office continued to operate every day during the state and local “Shelter-In-Place” and “Stay-At-Home” orders and is happy to announce that all Tax Office lobbies will be officially re-opened to the public at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, June 5th.

“We have used innovative and alternative means during this pandemic to continue providing all our services, and I am happy to inform our citizens that our lobbies have now reopened to the public.  Your safety is my priority, so before you enter our lobbies, you will have your temperature taken, asked some COVID-19 screening questions, and be asked to wear a facial covering to ensure everyone’s safety,” said Albert Uresti, Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector.

While the lobbies were closed, Uresti continued his efforts to ensure safety by installing plexiglas walls wherever customers are serviced directly.  An additional cleaning crew has been added and dedicated to providing continuous disinfection services to all common areas.  Hand sanitizer, wipes, and tissues are also readily available.

“Despite the pandemic, my Office has remained open and continued to dedicate itself to providing our citizens the best customer service possible, while maintaining a high level of safety for our citizens and employees. We utilized our new drive-thru to its fullest capacity and adjusted operations as needed to meet the changing requirements caused by COVID-19,” said Albert Uresti, Tax Assessor-Collector.

In addition to visiting the office in person, taxpayers may drop off motor vehicle or property tax transactions in our 24 hour drop-boxes at all four of our locations.  We also want to remind citizens that all our offices and our new, three-lane, drive-thru located at 3505 Pleasanton Rd, will continue to be open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. till 4:45 PM and on Wednesdays until 6:30 PM.  Our commercial windows downtown continue to be open as normal,” said Albert Uresti, Tax Assessor-Collector.

“Our mission continues to be “Working To Help Keep Families In Their Homes with an emphasis on helping our Senior Citizens, our Disabled, our Veterans, and ultimately our Children.  I also want those persons and families affected by the Coronavirus to know that our thoughts and prayers are with them.  May God bless them and their families,” said Albert Uresti.

– AU-TAC –