Founder CEO and Editor In Chief, Erin O’Brien of the award-winning and three-time Texas Fashion Award nominee, 71 Magazine, takes La Prensa Texas on her journey to the arts less traveled.
71 Magazine is a bi-monthly digital publication that focuses on all things related to art and creativity.
“We like to call it the arts less traveled,” said O’Brien. “We take our readers on a journey of all of these creative areas.”
O’Brien has been in publishing and media for 15 years. However, in 2014, she considered leaving the industry because she felt burned out and disillusioned..O’Brien was also in school for her master’s degree. In the spring of 2017, O’Brien was in her final semester of her master’s degree program and completing her thesis, the only thing left before officially obtaining her degree. It was about 3 a.m. in the morning, and O’Brien was up late writing her thesis. The topic she was writing about had nothing to do with publishing or business. That’s when the idea came to her.
“I was planning on leaving the industry, and all of a sudden, oh, never mind, don’t leave the industry. Become a business owner in that industry that you’re planning to leave,” said O’Brien. “But it felt really strong, and it just felt really right.”
In May of 2017, O’Brien Founded 71 Publications and launched 71 Magazine in November. O’Brien began thinking about what type of content she wanted to publish in the magazine. O’Brien enlisted the help of Strategist and Creative Director Mike Brannon.
“He and I from day one just hit the ground running with the brainstorming,” O’Brien said.
Both O’Brien and Brannon support creativity and arts, some of which don’t get the proper attention that they should. With that idea in mind, they developed six themed issues for 71 Magazine: Style, Film, Music, Space, Light and Sound, and the Holiday/Anniversary issue, which comes out every November. For logistical reasons, they also decided that 71 Magazine would be published bi-monthly.
“The arts less traveled are a blend of all of these different, creative areas that we focus on broadly in each issue based on the theme, but each issue also includes something of everything,” said O’Brien.
The number 71 is serendipitous for O’Brien and Brannon. When they were brainstorming the name for the magazine, the number kept appearing everywhere. It seemed strange to name the magazine after a random number. However, the more O’Brien thought about it, the more 71 seemed to be connected to all types of creativity that dated back to 1971.
“So many amazing albums came out that year; there are books devoted to the fashion specifically of 1971 and all of these different, creative things,” said O’Brien. “And we thought, well, if we have a year that is sort of an epic hodgepodge of creativity, then what better thing to strive for on our end as well within the publication.”
Thus, 71 Magazine was born and has hit the stratosphere of nominations for the Texas Fashion Awards, formerly known as the San Antonio Fashion Awards.
One of the most amazing things about 71 Magazine is its gorgeous photography. Every issue is filled with vibrant and colorful images. The magazine covers photography in various styles and from all over the world. The stunning Northern Lights and infrared photography are just a couple of snapshots in 71 Magazine.
“On our covers, we typically have cover talent and the interview, and the photography covers that feature within the issue,” said O’Brien.
It’s no wonder that 71 Magazine won Magazine of the Year for the formerly San Antonio Magazine, now the Texas Fashion Awards, before it was even a year old. The 71 Publication and Magazine is nominated for the third time. Erin O’Brien and 71 Magazine need your help in attaining a second win for the publication for Magazine of the Year. Voting for the Texas Fashion Awards runs from September 1 through September 26 at 11:59 p.m. CST.
“We’re really thrilled to be nominated; we’re really flattered, and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone at the award ceremony in October,” said O’Brien.

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