The Center For New Communities (C4NC) was founded in 2005 with the explicit goal of providing comprehensive, holistic services to vulnerable children and families. Members of the organization search for opportunities that provide brighter futures for families in need. The core belief is that empowering families requires resources that really work, and have a long-lasting impact. Leaders in the organization believe partnering with community and faith-based organizations is the key to building a network of support for families. The vision statement is all about strengthening families as a vital investment in the future and states, “Thriving children in healthy families, strengthening their communities.”
The overall goal is to promote healthy family relationships and offer programs that facilitate change. They partner with faith and community organizations to reach families in need. Working with fathers, mothers, and children to build healthy environments where all members of the family can thrive and grow is a major part of the mission. C4NC is committed to educating children and families through quality programs in collaboration with community resources and partnerships.
The organization currently works with faith-based and community partners to provide Early Head Start services to 224 children, families and mothers-to-be in San Antonio. In addition, the organization also supports and participates in the National Alliance for Hispanic Families, an organization focused on harnessing public and private resources to promote policies that build and strengthen families.
Contact Center for New Communities (Early Head Start San Antonio) at (210) 314-3200. You can visit them at 1314 Guadalupe Street, #201, San Antonio, TX 78207.