Many cinematic features are often entrenched with underlying current issues, offering metaphors and themes which resonate in modern society. From elitism, to political corruption, to racial tensions and now highlighting the differing perspectives of immigration in The Forever Purge which premiered July 2nd, James DeMonaco, Jason Blum, Brad Fuller, and Sebastien K. Lemercier of the Purge franchise are leaders in creating allegorical stories which are a commentary of the world we live in.
Starring Anna de la Reguera and Tenoch Huerta as Adela and Juan respectively, a Mexican couple who journey to Texas in the search for a better life due to the growing tensions of the cartel in Mexico. After surviving their first Purge in the United States, they along with the Tucker family (played by Cassidy Freeman, Leven Rambin, Josh Lucas, and Will Patton) are met with hostility from an unsanctioned group who are no longer satisfied with one night of violence and murder, and decide to take over the good ole USA and restore it to its fromer glory according to their perspective.
“In this one in particular…they do talk about equality and racism, and immigration. All the issues in the border. Different backgrounds, different religion. A lot of things that sometimes are a problem in our society because we don’t respect whatever the other person thinks.
So, I just also think that this movie is a lot about respecting one another, whatever your background. Whatever you are, or you like, you have to respect one another,” states Anna de la Reguera who plays Adela, a strong independent female lead.
The Forever Purge takes an introspective look at what the United States of America could be when we are at our worst. The latest addition to the Purge franchise forces us to confront our own personal prejudices, no matter the color of your skin, as well as other deeply rooted issues embedded in the threads of our society.
Representation of people of color in every industry is now more important than ever, especially given the growing dissension and rising discrimination against the Latino population in the United States within these past four years. With Mexican Director and executive producer of the new film, Guillermo Valerio Gout at the helm, authenticity is ensured depicting Mexicano actors playing the role of Mexicano characters.
“It is really important and that’s why I’m so happy to be part of this. You know, that we’re leading this movie, me and Tenoch [Huerta]. We’re in a big franchise, that is an American franchise, and it’s seen through our eyes and in a very good way. I think things are getting better, but obviously we do need more and more representation,” de la Reguera adds.
Recuerdas gente, representation matters. Even our fictional stories matter as they always hold kernels of truth.