Ganas: the will or desire that comes from deep within your soul, urging you to keep moving forward. Opportunity: a set of circumstances opening the doorway to possibilities. For many of us, we must seek out opportunity, as it is not handed to us. And the path to possibility may be long and arduous. So without the ganas, opportunities are squandered. Jesse Guajardo, McDonald’s Owner Franchisee, knows every twist and turn of the roads and obstacles all too well. Given the opportunity to work at McDonald’s, con ganas, Guajardo worked his way to the top, and continues to open the door for others to begin their careers.

Agustin and Tannia Pereda, are just two lives changed by McDonald’s. Tannia Pereda, store manager of McDonald’s located on 7212 NW Loop 410, laughs as she recalls her journey, “It was muy intensive.” From Mexico, to Eagle Pass, to San Antonio, Tannia began her work at McDonald’s at the fries station, working her way to the Drive-thru window. Without knowing English at the start of her journey, even bringing her own translator to her interview and now she is a Store Manager.

Pushing her to the Drive-thru window forced her to practice her English. With the encouragement of Guajardo and Agustin Pereda, y con ganas, she pushed forward and looked beyond any mistake made due to the language barrier. “This is your school,” states Tannia Pereda.

Agustin Pereda, now Area Supervisor, had a similar journey. “I didn’t want to be the guy saying ‘platos’ all the time,” he laughed. He began to learn “platos” is “tray” and “pinsas” are “tongs”. Without it being overwhelming, Agustin learned a new word a day, y con ganas, his vocabulary grew, he worked his way up, and is now helping others with their careers.

Since the “economy is coming back”, McDonald’s is currently hiring 25,000 across Texas, and 1,1000 here alone in San Antonio NOW. different locations offer different positions because every individual McDonald’s has different needs. Hiring information, benefits, and applications can be picked up at any participating McDonald’s Drive or by texting worksforme to 36453.

“I want you to understand, these young people who work for me are business people…they leave to become school teachers, firemen…” Guajardo said with a silent pride. “Si tienes ganas que salir adelante, McDonald’s dalo oportunidad que salir adelante. Si tienes ganas de trabajar, y salir ser alguien,” Priscilla Valdivia, Assistant Manager explains. Take the opportunity now to begin your career, gente. “Don’t get stuck,” urges Agustin Pereda, “Don’t get comfortable. Do not allow yourself to become stagnant. Make yourself uncomfortable so you can grow, y recuerda, con ganas, Sigue Adelante.”

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