By Melinda Gonzales
In 1983, the first and original Culebra Meat Market at 2800 Culebra Road opened its doors. Since then, the store has expanded to include 17 locations across San Antonio, faithfully serving their customers by remaining open 365 days a year, 7 days a

Barbacoa and Big Red are weekend staples at your nearest Culebra Meat Market, but all week long they serve carnitas and chicharrones, along with quality specialty cuts of meat such as finger ribs, polish sausage, rib bone-in brisket, and whole chickens. Seasoned cuts of meat are also avail- able and save time for those who are ready to cook the meat right away.

Original owner, Ezequiel Ramirez, was born in San Jose Del Resplandor, Leon Guanajuato, MX. At the age of 16, he was taught the business of buying and selling of cattle by his father. Mr. Ramirez worked as a cattle broker until he was 30, then transitioned into the construction industry and con- tinued his career in that field after moving to San Antonio in 1968. More than 20 years later he returned to his true calling and opened Culebra Meat Market with his son, Javier Ramirez. He chose the original location because it was in the same neighbor- hood his family lived in.

Mrs. Sara Ramirez, the wife of Ezequiel, offered her complete support and was the backbone of the store’s success. Javier’s daughter Sara Ramirez says with a smile, “She would bring them to work and bring them food. To this day she still goes to the stores and checks-in.”

Sadly Mr. Ezequiel Ramirez passed away in February of 2003, but the legacy of his business success has been carried on by his family. He and his wife had a total of 13 children, who all at one point or another have managed a Culebra Meat Market store. Currently, Javier continues to manage Culebra Meat Market #1 with his daughter Sara Ramirez, while other stores are managed by Javier’s brothers Noe, Manuel, and Victor Ramirez.

Culebra Meat Markets feature a full-service Panadería (bakery) where you can pick up pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread), doughnuts, cookies, corn, and flour tortillas, and even tamales.
Shop for everyday food staples that include frozen foods, fresh produce, drinks, wines, dry goods, baking goods, and a full line of products under the popular and delicious Goya brand. Don’t feel like cooking?

Most Culebra Meat Markets also offer an in-house taque- ria, always ready to serve up your breakfast and lunch favorites.

The granddaughter of Ezequiel Ramirez, Sara Ramirez, sees the continued expansion of Culebra Meat Market into locations that are convenient for their customers. She says, “We’re here to serve San Antonio and our com- munity.” Be on the lookout for the newest Culebra Meat Market which is set to open in September off South cross and I-35.

Business Hours Monday-Saturday 7 a.m.-

10 p.m.

Sunday 7 a.m.-9 p.m