BTS Photos: Fino Hernandez

This past weekend, the Lost Boys descended into our beautiful city for the 35th reunion of the cult classic film. The Kings of Horror put together an event that was giving vampire vibes for the entire weekend jam-packed with celebrity meet and greets, local vendors and even a DJ who was spinning the spookiest of tunes. San Anto came out in droves to celebrate the Summer of Santa Carla at the Wonderland of the Americas. Celebrity sightings included the infamous Ve Neill, world renowned special effects makeup artist, G Tom Mac, singer and songwriter of “Cry Little Sister”, the frog brothers Jamision Newlander and Corey Feldman, Michael who was played by Jason Patric and one of our favorite vampires played by Billy Wirth.

Multiple generations of fans were seen at the mall taking in the sight of all things vampire from cookies to glow in the dark tees; the Summer of Santa Carla event had it all. Following the festivities on Sunday, both G Tom Mac and Corey Feldman performed live at the Industry Nightclub to commemorate the movie once more for attendees. Our digital director and journalist, Natasha was able to interview most of the cast which can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages. For more events like this one, follow Kings of Horror on Instagram and Facebook.