Interview by Roy Aguillon
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Without our community leaders and organizers, we would not be where we are today. Though we still have a long way to go as far as representation, our community is much better off than we were 60 years ago, in large part due to the assiduous work of San Antonio legends such as Dr. William Elizondo, distinguished Board Member of La Prensa Texas. With 55 years of practice as a Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma Specialist, his prestigious extensive work in national politics, and commitment to public life, war veteran Dr. Elizondo continues the movement to represent our gente in a positive light. His perfect vision for our gente is clear.

Though we now have elected officials who do represent our community, Dr. Elizondo is aware of the need for this same representation and recognition in other platforms as well, such as the media.

“For example, this year, [La Prensa Texas] went up to Washington during the inauguration. And represented us there…and if that hadn’t have been done, in a sense, we might have not had that type of representation. We had some elected officials and other people that were there, but this was from the community…and sometimes, it’s the community that is needed to transform the right kind of message for the people that need the help and guidance, ” our honorable Board Member comments.

Elizondo, who has a long history with La Prensa, has been involved with the bilingual newspaper since its restoration by the late Tino Duran. Elizondo was committed to assisting and supporting Duran with the institution since the 1970s, consistently working to give Latinos a voice in the city. Thus, La Prensa Texas will continue the legacy Duran engendered.

“It depicts the Hispanic [community] in a proper light. Those are the key things there. If we can continue that aspect of life, some of the old thinking that was permeating into the community will be changed,” Dr. Elizondo states with a desire to continue the work towards the vision of positive cultural community content, so that we have a voice which is heard by all.

“We have about 70% Hispanics in San Antonio and a great percentage in the state of Texas, and I think that we need those voices, and they need that type of leadership in our area,” concludes our former National Health Director of LULAC.

Accurate representation of our comunidad matters, gente. With people como Dr. William Elizando leading us, we can envision more than we ever imagined.