The last two years have been particularly difficult for small businesses and nonprofit organizations in our community. For individuals who dreamed about being entrepreneurs, the pandemic provided a time of self reflection. Robert Garcia, CPA decided to take the leap after years of preparation and support of his wife, Lily. At the height of the pandemic, he began his firm, #IhaveaCPAguy full time. Robert, better known as the #CPAguy had worked in the financial sector for over 12 years.
“The pandemic amplified the financial infrastructures we were told existed for our Micro and Small Business community, in fact, did not exist,” said Robert Garcia. “As a CPA, I knew I had the super power and passion to help make a difference in my community, so I left the comfort of my career to make that difference.” In addition, Robert found that there was a lack of awareness of resources and services especially amongst minority entrepreneurs.
The pandemic also gave Robert Gonzales a renewed sense of purpose. In his over 20 year career with financial institutions, Gonzales has worked with small businesses at all stages helping them gain access to capital. His focus on financial literacy and referring clients to resources sparked the idea for programming with La Prensa that would help build generational wealth.
Over the last few months, Robert Gonzales, Robert Garcia and I have been developing a show concept we like to call “The Bottom Line” in partnership with La Prensa to support not only small businesses but nonprofits who were also hit hard during the pandemic. La Prensa has always supported the community in various initiatives but the step for the show creation is a bold move of commitment.
“There are many organizations providing training and resources in the ecosystem,” said Robert Gonzales. “We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel. We just want to help the best way we know how: by bringing people together and being honest.”
The Bottom-Line Show will concentrate on topics directly related to funding and capacity building. Whether it’s finding capital to expand a business or grant writing, the show will highlight local expertise, foster collaboration, and provide resources to small businesses and nonprofit organizations for sustained growth.
As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, San Antonio has a strong business ecosystem with approximately 34,000 small businesses which make up 93% of all businesses in the county. As a small business advocate and nonprofit professional, I’ve worked on initiatives at all levels that support both groups. Our group strongly believes that when you support small businesses and nonprofit organizations, you strengthen the community.
In the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing more about webinars and events on La Prensa’s website and publication. We invite you to join us.