Interview by Julia Aguillon
Article by Jackie Velez

Tres Leches business owners, Alexis Garcia and Laura Hernandez are working their artistic hustle and incorporating their city, culture, and environment into the mix.

Garcia and Hernandez have known each other for about 10 years. They met at University of Texas in San Antonio their freshman year. When the two met, they were not really close to each other, but within time, they started to hangout with each other and bonded over their first movie together, “Hot Pursuit”.

Before their business started in 2018, Garcia had been making earrings on her cricut at the time, which she had purchased the previous summer and had yet to use. At the time, other artists were creating their items from faux leather and she wanted to try her hand at something different.

“I cut out a few things and I wasn’t too happy with it; I felt like I could do more,” Garcia said.

That’s when Laura approached her with the idea of making her earrings from acrylic.

Eventually, they decided to turn their art skills into a business. Some of the designs and items that Tres Leches sells are graphic illustrations, Adelita paintings that Hernandez created, and earrings.

“After that, we just started little by little working on a few things,” Garcia said. “And I think now, we’re about to do a lot more with the acrylic.”

Hernandez is the one who thinks of the ideas and when she doesn’t have the time, Garcia jumps in to help. While some of their designs involve trial and error, they both love being able to share their unique ideas with their customers.

Tres Leches wants to empower others by designing products to help every individual be themselves without fear.

“You can’t be afraid to fail because you’re gonna fail and that’s gonna be a learning lesson,” said Hernandez.

You can find them selling their items around Camp Outpost Co. on S. Alamo St. every third Saturday of the month and every second Saturday at San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA).

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